Two-Way Splitter

Dosko introduced a two-way log splitter. The 2000LS-H horizontal model splits in either direction. Featuring a 160cc Honda OHV commercial engine, this towable 25-inch log splitter has a 20-ton splitting force. It uses a two-stage, 11 GPM hydraulic pump and has a cycle time of seven seconds.

Tree Hammer

The Tree Hammer 360 from Loftness is a PTO-driven right-of-way mulcher. The 4,700-pound mower can be front or rear-mounted on tractors from 80 to 160 hp. The optional hydraulically operated rear mulching door and tree-pusher bar allow the operator to cut down and mulch large standing trees by backing into the work or by hooking to a tractor equipped with a front three-point hitch and PTO. An optional shear bar produces finer mulch and helps prevent jamming in the cutting chamber. The hammers are individually bolted on for ease of service and replacement. The ribbed rotor design reduces drag. It is 101 inches wide, with an 80-inch cutting width.


STEC Equipment offers the GKB Lumberjack, which provides safe, cost-effective removal of trees up to 45 centimeters in diameter using a single crane. This machine can fell and maneuver trees thanks to its patented cutting system. The gripper can also be used for sorting and selecting; the cutting function does not interfere when not in use and can be used immediately again when required without the need for any adjustments.

Towable Stump Cutter

The Vermeer SC602 stump cutter features a Caterpillar C2.2T Tier 4i diesel engine that produces 60 hp and 142 foot-pounds of torque. The patented AutoSweep system monitors engine speed and automatically adjusts the cutter wheel sweep rate. A direct driveline powers the cutter wheel. The drive system gearboxes are connected by a driveshaft with U-joints. The cutter wheel can achieve cutting heights of 24 inches aboveground and 19 inches below grade. The towable unit has a tongue that extends up to 60 inches, 49-cubic-foot chip containment system and swing-out operator station. The Yellow Jacket cutter system features a universal tooth that can accommodate all cutting positions on the cutter wheels.

Bevel Buddy

The Bevel Buddy sharpener from Precision Sharpening Devices works well with disc and drum-style chippers and conventional pocket-style, face-mounted and reversible/disposable knife systems. The hand-held sharpeners put a sharp edge on chipper knives while they are still in the machine. Bevel Buddy comes in three models, with 10.8, 12 and 120-volt motors, universal grinding head, two drum abrasives, hex wrench set, safety glasses and storage case.