Fast-Acting Insecticide

Arborjet now offers its ACE-jet insecticide in 15-gram single packets. It is a micro-injectable, broad-spectrum, fast-acting product that eliminates leaf-chewing insects including caterpillars, winter moths, gypsy moths and webworms; piercing-sucking insects including whiteflies, adelgids, aphids, spider mites, scale, thrips and mealybugs; and mining insects including leaf miners, sawflies and more. Beneficial insects are not affected by ACE-jet, since it is injected directly into a tree’s trunk and only impacts insects that are feeding directly on the tree. It comes in a soluble granular form to maintain maximum potency until it is ready to be mixed with water and used.

Hi-Ranger Aerial Devices

Terex Utilities introduced the new SCM48, SCM50 and SCM55 overcenter material handling models to its Hi-Ranger aerial device equipment lineup. The lower boom cylinder design offers more open bed space and an overall height under 11 feet on a 40-inch frame. The Tri-Link elbow design offers easy access to bushings and bearings. There are no lift chains or cables, and a mandatory overhaul is not required during the truck’s lifetime. All models have a gross vehicle weight rating of 31,000 pounds. They have working heights of 53, 55 and 60 feet. The SCM Series comes standard with a side-mount, one-person, 700-pound capacity platform.

Grinder for Small Stumps

Morbark announced the new G 42 SP stump grinder. The self-propelled unit is equipped with a 27 or 38 hp gas engine, 42-inch-wide boom arc swing and all-steel construction. It is compact and ideal for grinding smaller stumps. Standard equipment includes comfort-grip fingertip controls, an electric clutch with cutting system brake, three cutting system options and high-gloss Morthane paint.

Land Clearing Machine

The self-contained Geo-Boy brush cutter from Jarraff Industries is designed for land clearing and site prep applications in a wide range of environments. It is available in wheeled or track configurations with two Tier III engine options, 220 and 260 hp. With the ability to lift the cutter head about 11 feet high, the Geo-Boy can quickly clear brush and trees up to 12 inches in diameter. A low center of gravity provides a smooth ride and keeps the cutter head properly positioned in uneven terrain. Safety features including full Lexan, No Mar windows and a rearview camera are standard. The ergonomically designed cab is pressurized to keep dust and debris from entering.

Clean-Running Chain Saw

The Jonsered CS 2166 has a new, clean-running, fuel-efficient engine, optimized to output more torque over a wider rpm range. It is engineered to provide stronger cutting power at lower rpm when the saw is under load. It also has a new large-diameter top handle for greater operating comfort and control. Other features include a top-mounted decompression valve, side-access chain tension adjustment and an easy-access snap lock air filter cover.