Tree Bandage

Wicktek’s Tree Bandage is a tree wound bandage that is nontoxic and environmentally friendly. Users apply the water-based solution by spraying or brushing to provide a “glassious” bandage that actually becomes part of the tree or bush. The bandage provides a barrier that helps the tree compartmentalize the wound or pruning cut. This provides a better environment for natural callus formation. It should be applied immediately after trimming or pruning, and can also be applied to old wounded surfaces. Brushes or sprayers are easily cleaned with soap and water.

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Bio-Based Lubricant

Stens has expanded its green product lineup with LubriMagic, a bio-based, all-purpose spray lubricant and penetrant. It is safe for outdoor power equipment, automotive and shop uses and will not harm paint, plastic or synthetic rubbers. It is safer and more environmentally friendly than petroleum-based products. LubriMagic is available in a 12-fluid-ounce aerosol can.

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Smart Chipper

Echo Bear Cat has introduced the CH8720iH chipper. With an 8-inch chipping capacity, this model features a Subaru engine with electronic fuel injection and a turntable design that allows the operator to turn the feed hopper closer to the material or away from hazards. It is equipped with the Smart Feed System, which automatically feeds and adjusts the feed rate without operator intervention. It also features an integrated discharge blower, locking pin, swing-away cover, four-sided anvil, 9-by-9-inch feed opening and four reversible, heat-treated steel chipper blades.

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Get a Grip

The new Ropework XT glove from Youngstown Glove Co. features tacky Ropegrip palm reinforcement that enhances grip while reducing hand fatigue. Ropegrip reinforcement is also used in the saddle between the index finger and thumb. The top of the hand is lined with Kevlar for cut resistance. Memory foam padding sewn into the palms dampens shock and gives an additional layer of safety. It also features a terry cloth brow wipe on the thumb for dabbing sweat or debris. A supportive cuff with an adjustable Velcro closure keeps hands safe from the elements. The gloves are available in sizes from small to XX large.

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Foldable Stump Grinder

Dosko’s new 200-6H Mini is a foldable stump grinder. It’s small enough to travel in an SUV or minivan, measuring 36 inches long, 23 inches wide and 23 inches high when folded. It weighs 134 pounds and is easily transported. Leonardi teeth provide efficient cutting capability.

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New Quick Couplers

Paladin Construction Group unveiled two new quick coupler systems for excavators, mini excavators, wheel loaders and loader backhoes. The JRB PowerLatch features the patented Automatic Blocking System with backup mechanical locks on both the front and rear attachment pins that are independent of the machine’s hydraulic locking and operating system. The Bradco mini excavator coupler features a compact design and comes in two versions. The manual version uses a manual locking pin. The fully automatic model replaces the manual safety pin with hydraulic operation and includes hydraulic check valves.

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Efficient Chipping System

Fecon offers the RTC22/500-8 as a turnkey mobile chipping package. Mounted on a TimberPro 830B forwarder, the unit gets to work at up to 12 mph. The eight-wheeled off-road chipper more than triples speeds of typical track chippers. Production speed is further enhanced by both loader reach and lifting capacity. It offers 12,880-pound capability at 15 feet and up to 31.5 feet of total reach and 360-degree rotation. Power Feed Management offers over 16,000 foot-pounds of torque. A dangle head felling saw is optional.

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Multipurpose Ratchet Rake

The Ratchet Rake from Ratchet Rake LLC is a multipurpose implement that attaches to tractor and skid loader buckets. The combination of two separate rows of angular teeth projecting outward and downward enables this product to rip out brush, vegetation and saplings. The rakes have a powder-coat finish, can be operated in a forward or reverse direction and are available in 52, 68 and 72-inch sizes to fit buckets from 45 to 78 inches.

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New Toolbox

Highway Products introduced the newly designed Gull Wing Toolbox. It features 1/8-inch aluminum construction, low entry lids for easy access, easy no-drill mounting, welded rope hooks on the front face for truck bed cargo tie-downs and removable tool trays. The toolboxes are available in many sizes to fit all pickup brands and bed sizes.

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