We asked some users on TreeServicesSite.com what climbing system they typically used and these were some of the responses.

“I use split tails. Just easier when you need to constantly connect and disconnect from the tree to get your rope around different branches. I use a beeline single splice and I use Blake’s hitch — easiest and can use it for ascending or descending. Sometimes I use a double-spliced beeline and I have used the Klemheist or any version of Prusik knot. One safety snap, one carabiner. If you have the time though, I use the Blake’s hitch without the second carabiner, (SRT) just because I find when descending using DRT it twists my rope on the way down and I have to spend time unwinding it.”

“Lucky, that is a great system to work off. I worked off it for years, I even find myself going back to it as a second tie-in every now and again. Do you store your rope in a bag or do you coil? Only reason I ask is sometimes coiling (depending on the direction of coil) can work against your Blake’s (which twists the opposite direction) and cause a serious twist problem. I found the VT does the same thing. Because the Blake’s and VT wrap all in the same direction when tied, so they put kind of a corkscrew effect on the rope.”

“I coil, but I have been debating getting a bag because it remains untwisted. I was always taught to coil it up, but I know what you mean by working against the knot. You may very well be right as to why the twisting of the rope occurs. It’s just more money to spend, but then again, being a company, I can get tax write-offs for equipment and such.”

“I have played with many knots, and every time I tie a straight-up VT I get a twisty rope. I currently use the Michoacan. It basically has a half hitch at the bottom, which seems to stop the twisting. You are absolutely right about the write-offs. That’s how I get all my toys for climbing, convince the wife we can write it off.”

“I use a double-rope technique, left foot ascender with a VT. I like the old Mar-bar system, but I can’t find one anymore. I’d buy it right now for the right price.”

“Both climbing systems are great. DdRT started our industry and was used for many, many years by a lot of people. It’s now just been a couple years since SRT (work positioning) has really taken off. Now with your Mar-bars I hope you are backing them up properly. If done right, the system works great. I don’t use it very often because I climb SRT most of the time now.”