I had an interesting e-mail exchange last week with a Tree Services reader. As is often the case with readers of this magazine, the discussion revolved around safety.

He found a couple of images in the magazine (including last month’s cover image) that he thought were depicting unsafe working practices. We went back and forth several times, reviewing the photos and the situations depicted. It was a great conversation. I’m pretty sure we were able to agree that the proper safety practices actually were displayed in both photos (with some hesitancy about the cover photo, which showed a person cutting a tree limb with a chain saw held slightly above the level of their head).

I love having safety conversations with our readers. The biggest reason why is that it shows we are reaching people, and they are paying attention. You might think we would cringe to hear from a reader who wants to point out a possible unsafe practice portrayed within the pages of our magazine, but the opposite is true. Of course, we’d rather be perfect and never make such a mistake, but when a reader does find a photo or article they think is a problem, we absolutely want to hear about it (and if they’re right, then we cringe—and run a correction in the next issue).

Of all the magazines we publish for the several industries we serve here at Moose River Media, by far the readership of Tree Services is the most concerned with issues of on-the-job safety. You should be proud of that fact. It says—at least to me—that the tree care industry is constantly trying to improve its safety record and won’t stop until they achieve 100 percent job site safety.

Keep holding us to the highest standard. We want to be 100 percent correct in the information we offer. You deserve nothing less.