Stump Grinders & Brush Cutters/Mulchers

Stump Grinders

Bandit Industries

The Model 2550 Track 44-hp diesel stump grinder features heavy-duty rubber tracks for flotation and traction, and 53.5-inch cutter swing.

Border City Tool & Mfg.

Offers stump cutter teeth, threaded teeth, stump claw teeth, stump claw pockets, round pockets and smart pockets with bolts. Also offers and sharpens chipper blades.


The EDGE stump grinder processes stumps up 30 inches wide and 10 inches deep belowground. The unit features a 0.75-inch-thick, 24-inch-diameter steel cutting wheel and 36 bolt-on carbide teeth.


Dosko stump grinders are available in compact, full-size and self-propelled models. Units feature a side-discharge frame, a 32-inch or less width, and and are powered by Honda or Kohler engines.


Fecon offers three models of stump grinders: the SH140, the SH260 and the SH400. These Stump Hogs can be matched with most brands of high-horsepower, high-flow skid steers or loaders and forestry prime movers.

Leonardi Mfg. Co., Inc.

The M1 Blueshark cutting system for machines up to 40 hp has simplified tooth ordering and maintenance. Teeth are three-position indexable and, Rock Guard Technology ensures use of all indexes.

Morbark, Inc.

Morbark offers stump grinders in a range of sizes in 4×2 and 4×4 and track configurations to navigate any type of terrain. Options available so you can customize it for your specific needs.

Paladin Attachments

The Bradco Stump Grinder comes in 10- or 12-inch cutting depths belowground, provides a 6-degree sway arc, and features a multidirectional tooth pattern that permits cutting from side-to-side and vertically.


The self-propelled T260 is powered by a 260 hp Cummins turbo diesel engine and utilizes a 40-inch-diameter by 3-inch-thick cutter wheel with 36 Monster Tooth cutter tools.

Ryan’s Equipment

The Predator stump grinder is designed for high-flow, high-horsepower skid steers. The 1-inch-diameter disc has 24 standard cutting tools, a cutting width of 60 inches and cutting depth of 30 inches.

Sneller Machine

Self-powered stump grinders have 170 or 275 hp Cummins engines. All the power goes directly to the patented cutting wheel for full grinding power.

New River Equipment

The Revolution is available for tow-behind, self-propelled and other stump grinding applications. It offers precise alignment of all cutting tools and features a locating pin system on pockets to ensure correct placement on the wheel.


The self-propelled SC362 is equipped with a 35-hp Vanguard gas engine and belt-driven cutter head. Features a hydraulic drive system and front wheel steering for ease in maneuvering in compact spaces.

Brush Cutters/Mulchers

Ammbusher, Inc.

The DL66 and DL72 series cutters feature a reinforced front push bar, enabling the operator to push over trees and cut brush up to 6 inches in diameter. The motors and spindles are made in the USA.


Bandit’s model 60FM is powered by a 1,100cc hydraulic motor and features 36 1 5/8-inch wide carbide teeth to cut through brush and undergrowth. Attaches to the loader’s hydraulic lines.

Barko Hydraulics, LLC

Mulcher attachments are available for Barko 920, 930 and 937 industrial tractors, and offer up to 365 hp and 106 GPM to the attachment for power while still providing fuel efficiency.


The standard-flow EDGE brush mulcher features 96 carbide teeth and is equipped with a safety push bar to force brush or small trees down into the mulcher. Works up to 1 inch below grade.

Cross-Tech Mfg.

Cross-Tech’s new 72 M-AX rotary brush cutter features a number 8 bearing housing and redesigned motor. The 72 M-AX has universal quick-attach pick-up plates and state-of-the-art safety features.


The DS 3500 T has a 36cc two-stroke engine that delivers 1.9 hp and is equipped with an anti-vibration system. Features the Load & Go line head that reloads in 30 seconds or less.


Bull Hog mulchers attach to high-flow skid steers to clear brush, trees and stumps down to ground level. Mulch standing trees 4 to 6 inches in diameter (depending on horsepower) and intermittently process 6- to 8-inch-diameter trees.


The Klearway 500 is a rough-terrain, rubber-tired brush cutter with a front-mounted rotary cutter head designed for site prep and clearing vegetation from rights-of-way.


The Carbide Cutter G3 comes in 51-, 61- and 71-inch cutting widths. Features two-stage cutting chamber with staggered counter teeth and a shear bar, which results in small particle sizes.

New Peco

The Brush Blazer is a tracked, walk-behind brush cutter capable of handling heavy brush, including trees up to 4 inches in diameter. The Brush Blazer is powered by either a 27-hp Kohler EFI or 28-hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine.


The C260 Crawlers delivers 260 hp in a compact, low-ground pressure package. Features the Predator mulcher head with a 43-inch above-ground level lift height and front mulching door.

Ryan’s Equipment

The Wood Hunter has a staggered tooth pattern to bring material to the center of the drum. Offers visibility, simple maintenance, and reduced wear and tear on tracks or tires.

Sneller Machine

The 275-hp shredder is self-powered, with a 60-inch drum with stationary carbide teeth that can be shred 4 acres per day or more.

Turf Teq

The 1305BC has a 13-hp Honda engine and is self-propelled with hydrostatic forward/reverse transmission. The deck has an adjustable cutting height and pivots to the left up to 1 foot beyond the handlebars.


Green Manufacturing, Inc.

The Greenwheel was designed to transform stump grinders into stump cutters. The Greenwheel is 100 percent CNC machined and uses only six Greenteeth and four LoPro bolts. Holders protect both the bolts and the nuts.