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Ahlborn Launches New Web Site

Ahlborn Equipment, Inc. launched a new Web site at www.ForesterBarAndChain.com, where customers can find Ahlborn’s signature brand of Forester tools, supplies, safety apparel and accessories. Among the products featured on the new site are an all-new line of Forester safety chaps, Forester guide bars and saw chains and a full line of high-visibility safety clothing. The company also plans to add video product showcases to the site.

Second Half of FY 2009 Cap Reached

The Department of Homeland Security announced that the 33,000 cap for the second half of fiscal year 2009 was reached January 7, 2009, meaning that many companies may not get the H-2B workers they need without congressional action. The Professional Landcare Network continues to lobby Congress for an immediate H-2B fix. Representatives and senators can be contacted through the congressional switchboard at 202-225-3121, and letters can be sent through PLANET’s Web site, www.landcarenetwork.org.

DHS and the Department of Labor issued final rules related to H-2B program administration that went into effect January 18, 2009. The rules make changes to program administration and enforcement, but do not impact the 66,000 cap. DHS delegated additional enforcement authority to DOL. The rules also prohibit recruiters or employers from collecting application or recruitment fees from H-2B workers, establish an attestation process and change the role of the State workforce agencies.

NELA Adds New Expo Location

The Northeastern Loggers’ Association has announced plans to host a new Northeastern Forest Products Equipment Expo at the Watkins Glen International Raceway in Watkins Glen, N.Y., April 3-4. The association will still hold its Bangor expo May 1-2 at Bass Park in Bangor, Maine. The Watkins Glen expo will include both live and static exhibits, with a large indoor display area. Logging, sawmilling, land clearing, trucking and other equipment and services important to the forest industry in the region will be on display. Preregistration for attendees will be free and available online at www.northernlogger.com. For more information, call 315-369-3078 or e-mail nela@northernlogger.com.

Officials Work to Contain ALB Infestation

The Asian longhorned beetle brought down the first trees in Worcester, Mass., as officials work to contain an infestation there in a 64-square-mile regulated zone, about 30 miles from the Connecticut border. Six thousand trees will be taken down and destroyed first in a 2-square-mile area in the city’s Greendale district.