The new year is here, and now is a great time to start planning for the year ahead. Prepare yourself for a busy and profitable season by making some new additions to your equipment arsenal. In this special section, you’ll find a variety of tree care equipment—from chippers to tree spikes—to help you get the job done. See something you like? Simply circle the reader service number on the enclosed card and send it in, or visit for more information.


Five new saw chain files are available in 5/32, 3/16, 13/64 and 7/32-inch and 4.5-mm sizes. Each size is available in either a three-pack or a box of 12. Echo also offers a 6-inch flat file in a box of 12.

Echo’s ToughChest chain saw case is a plastic carrying case featuring a hook-and-loop strap on the inside to secure the chain saw during transit. It also has storage space for gloves, chaps, spare chain, stump vise and owner’s manual. The fold-down tool panel holds files, file handles, file guide, depth gauge, scrench and spare spark plug. The ToughChest can accommodate saws with bars up to 20 inches.

Premium Bar & Chain Oil features an improved formulation that offers superior cold-weather performance, with a pour point of 40 below zero, while retaining excellent warm-weather performance.


Bandit gave its model 2900T stump grinder a facelift, adding higher horsepower, larger fuel tanks and new cutter wheel technology. The turf-friendly track stump grinder now offers a 90 hp engine and 17-gallon fuel tank, along with Greenteeth cutting technology. The self-propelled undercarriage, which incorporates four cylinders to ensure that the tracks stay parallel, expands to 53 inches for stability and retracts down to 35 inches for maneuverability. The 2900T also features durable, dependable construction and an efficient hydrostatic drive system.

Marden Industries

Marden Industries celebrates its 76th year with the introduction of the Marden Tree Pruner. Attached to a compatible excavator, the pruner allows limbs up to about 4 inches to be pruned from trees that are approximately 14 inches in diameter. This allows for thinner canopies and encourages faster growth with fewer knots and other weak spots.


The Rayco RH1754 horizontal grinder is the latest addition to Rayco’s line of environmental equipment. The compact grinder weighs in at 14,000 pounds, allowing easy transportation and maneuverability. The highly productive unit is capable of grinding a variety of wood waste materials, including tree limbs, brush, sawmill waste, dimensional lumber scraps, pallets and wood chips. It offers an economical solution for reducing wood waste, lowering dumping costs and creating high-quality mulch.

Split Right, Inc.

The new Split Right log splitter, available in three models, offers durability, strength and ease of operation. Powered by an 11 hp Honda Engine, the mid-range model has a 26-inch log capacity, 22 GPM hydraulic pump and 25 tons of splitting force. It also features 10-second cycle time, 600-pound log lift, Torflex axle, auto valves and 30-inch working height. The 32-inch-wide log deck has solid, 1-inch round bars. The log lift pivot pin is bushed and greaseable. Two, four and six-way wedges are available, with an onboard spare wedge holder. The angled cutting bar, 10-by-12-inch log pusher and wear plate on the log carriage are made of cold-rolled steel.

The KnifeSource

The KnifeSource offers two sizes of safety yellow plastic boxes for storing brush chipper knives. The boxes are designed to securely bolt a set of four knives for packing and shipping. They come with nuts and bolts for 3/8, .5 or 5/8-inch thick knives.

The company manufactures brush chipper knives for all makes and models of chipping machines. It also offers a line of heavy-duty knife grinders with mechanical and magnetic knife bars, in 44, 53, 64, 74 and 84-inch sizes.

Concept Products

The Shred-All D5600 Wood Series is designed to process wood waste and facilitate recycling. It can process brush, logs, pallets and more. It features variable screen size, replaceable wear parts, locking control compartments, sliding tow hitch and retractable conveyor. Options include a mulch colorizer, dust suppression/collection systems, mulch elevator, mulch bagger, magnetic metal separator and reversing fan. It is powered by a 170 hp John Deere 6068T engine. The infeed hopper is open-ended for hand loading.


Supertrak has introduced its new line of custom-built mulching carriers in the 140 hp range. The SK140TR-C, SK140CTL-C, SK140STR-C and SK140RTL offer a variety of undercarriage arrangements to suit any mulching application on any terrain or topography. All the units are built to durable specifications for the mulching and forestry industries and boast 140 hp with 40 GPM at 5,500 PSI hydraulic flow. All units in the 140 series come standard with Lexan windshields, all auto-reversing fan systems, superior noise abatement, superior debris control, increased fuel tank capacity and electronic monitoring systems for all machine functions. The units are also capable of utilizing numerous other attachments, as they are versatile, high-performance tool carriers.

Lutz Corp.

Lutz Perfect Spikes contain 4.8 percent combined sulfur, 3.3 percent iron sulfate and 3.2 percent manganese sulfate. Elemental sulfur lowers the pH in the feeding area, creating an environment that assists uptake of manganese and iron. Special binders safely release the elements over time. It takes up to 12 months for the spike to completely dissolve.

Palm Tree Spikes help restore and maintain healthy green growth in transplanted palms and those with manganese, magnesium or potassium deficiencies. Palm Tree Maintenance Spikes contain nitrogen as well as soluble manganese, magnesium, potassium, iron and copper sulfates. Lutz also offers spikes that are specifically formulated for certain deficiencies.


Morbark has been innovating and manufacturing durable, high-performance equipment for over 50 years. The company offers a wide variety of heavy-duty brush chippers and stump grinders to handle all chipping and grinding needs. Morbark also produces a full line of chiparvestors, flails, whole tree chippers and sawmill equipment.

The Morbark Beever M18R is a versatile machine designed for large-scale tree care and land clearing contractors. With a capacity for material up to 18 inches in diameter and engine options from 125 to 250 hp, it can be operated as a hand-fed unit, remote-operated or equipped with the optional Mor-Lift Model 150M Knuckleboom Loader with operator’s seat and platform. Ground-mounted operator controls are also available.


Irrometer soil moisture products make it easier to manage the irrigation of urban trees, helping to protect from improper watering practices. Irrometer instruments and Watermark sensors indicate soil water tension, and control products interrupt irrigation cycles based on plant demand.


Lava Rope, built by New England Rope, uses FlexiFirm Core Technology to deliver climbers a low-stretch, tough-skinned, double braid that stays round and firm under load. The 11.5 mm Lava contains a third “magma strand” that provides support and density to both core and mantle. The rope provides good traction to both split-tails and ascenders, lending itself well to doubled and single-rope climbing techniques. Due to its small size and sleek jacket, Lava flows smoothly through a variety of mechanical devices. It can be eye-spliced at both ends.


Four specialized Quick-Connect Injection Tips are designed for thin and thick-barked hardwoods, conifers and palms. They are used with ArborSystems’ Direct-Inject QC no-drill trunk injection system. The tips place chemicals where each tree’s unique vascular structure can best use them. They have a specialized hub that snaps into the injector’s front QC coupler. The Wedgle Tip has a wedge-shaped end that deposits chemicals in the cambial zone between the bark and outer ring of sapwood. Most hardwoods can be treated with the standard .75-inch tip, while the 1.5-inch tip can be used with thick-barked trees. The Portle Tip for conifers has multiple ports along its length, allowing it to deliver chemicals to numerous points in a conifer’s inner active layers. The Palm Tip is longer and heavier, designed to penetrate a palm’s outer husk and deliver chemicals deep into the inner active layers.


TRU is a 100 percent noninvasive instrument that uses ground-penetrating radar to detect and quantify trunk decay, both early-stage and advanced. It also creates root maps showing 3-D root distribution and density. The system consists of a field computer and radar antenna for trunk scanning and a scanning cart for root scanning. The computer digitizes and stores the radar waveforms and presents a real-time graphical representation on a display that can be viewed in bright sunlight. Radar electronics are housed in a 5-pound, handheld rectangular box. The computer and antenna can be mounted on the cart to conduct root surveys.