Here’s a look back at the top 5 articles that were most read on in 2016. Make you sure you check out these top-hitting articles that cover everything from tree health to techniques.

1. Insects and Diseases of Junipers

Junipers are unusually tough plants that are drought tolerant and resistant to most pests. But, certain insects and diseases can create a need for control. This article overviews eight potential problems and their solutions.

2. Understanding The Hazards Of Felling Storm-Damaged Trees

Trees damaged by storms can be the most difficult and dangerous trees to cut because they are unpredictable. There is tremendous compression and tension forces exerted on the parts of the tree under pressure so it is critical that release cuts be made correctly in order to avoid injury. The two general types of damaged trees are: trees that have been uprooted (partially or completely), or trees that have broken off but remain attached to the trunk.

3. 7 Signs of a Weak Rope

If your rope is showing signs of wear and tear, it’s time to purchase another because the lives of you and your crew depend on it. It’s important to regularly conduct rope inspections and look for the characteristics of a weak rope.

4. Proper Chain Saw Techniques

The use of a chain saw requires proper application and technique for efficient, safe work. A large number of injuries and fatalities in tree work involve chain saws. The big four safety features of chain saws – inertia chain brake, throttle interlock, chain catch pin and rear hand guard – are industry-regulated and well-known.

5. To Foam or Not to Foam

Read this conversation from the Tree Services forums on about an ash tree that had split. Another company had filled the hollow with foam. Another user’s company was recommended for the repair and asked users on the forum about using foam.