Monthly Spotlight

As the summer sun continues to shine, we went back into our archives to highlight an important aspect of summer safety for tree care companies: equipment woes due to hot temperatures. The following is an excerpt from the article “Summer Safety” by Tony Tresselt, from the July 2013 issue of Tree Services.


Production tree care is dusty, dirty work any time of year. Add high temperatures and longer hours, and summer work takes its toll on workers and equipment alike. Be sure all motorized equipment is serviced and running well. The frustration of malfunctioning equipment and long, hot days can be hazardous, if not fatal.

Sharpen saws and brush chippers regularly. Dull tools are no fun and can be dangerous. Be sure to clean radiators and cooling fins often.

Be sure to store fuel and oils in shaded or cooler areas, as direct sunlight can cause unvented cans and/or storage bins to become pressurized and/or explosive. Saws and other gas equipment are slower to cool, so extra care when refueling is wise. The summer season can be a great time to