Tree Knowledge on the Fly

Tree care professionals can now access Arborjet’s knowledge base andonline tools while in the field or on the road with ARBOR-mobile, a mobilephone app available at the Apple App Store and Google Play. ARBORmobilehelps professionals diagnose tree issues by searching on trees orpests within the database, and provides information about each along withthe recommended Arborjet treatments. The GPS capability built into theapplication will mean that professionals can tag trees using GPS, add notes,keep a history and even export them to calculate project costs.

The “Contact Us” feature provides a listing of Arborjet regional technicalmanagers’ emails, phone and office numbers. There are also links to theArborjet Facebook and Twitter profiles, training videos on YouTube, productinformation, a distributor locator, FAQs and more.

Root Removal

The RR30 Root Rake from ContinentalBiomass Industries, grabs, pulls, backfills,rakes and loads,making “hog feed” out of dirtcontaminateddebris.

Six massive primary rake tines clear rootstructure from the ground with ease, while thesix secondary reinforced steel back-rake tinesgroom the surface area on the reverse stroke.It weighs 7,500 pounds and fits on a 65,000- to90,000-pound class excavator.

Grab and Go

Move brush, lift debris and more with LandPride’s SGC0548 Claw Grapple.

This American-made grapple features a parkstand for easy attach and detach, and a 30-inchjaw opening.

The grapple is designed to fit BX Tractorswith Kubota’s unique Quick Hitch system orpin directly to the LA203, LA243 and BX25Dloader arms. A Land Pride third-function valveaccessory kit is also available.

Destroy Pesky Pests

Dinocide, an injectable insecticide from Mauget, contains dinotefuran,an insecticide widely used on forest, woodland and ornamental trees andshrubs and known for its speed of action. Injection with Dinocide is aimed atcontrolling scale insects, which include Q and B biotype whiteflies, Japanesebeetles, emerald ash borers, mealybugs and flathead borers.

Trees will also benefit from the fact that Dinocide is translaminar, whichmeans its active ingredients can pass from a tree’s xylem (the layer in a treethat circulates water from the roots) to its phloem (the tree layer nearestthe bark, which transports sugars from the plant’s leaves), so it is alsoeffective against pests like the conifer bark beetle, which do their damagein the phloem layer.

Introduction of Dinocide will occur on a state-by-state basis betweenDecember 2014 and June 2015.