A Machine With Muscle

The new CAT 586C Site Prep Tractor is a multipurpose, heavy-duty machine with the muscle to run power-hungry mulchers and brush cutters. The PowerDirect Plus system optimizes performance by monitoring operator and attachment hydraulic demand and delivering power where and when it is needed. The 350 hp engine and oversized hydraulic system push more flow to the attachment for faster recovery without slowing other functions. New Cat work tools have been developed to match the capability of the 586C, including the HM825 Mulcher and the BR624 Brushcutter .


More Jobs in Less Time

Introducing the new 100 percent CNC-machined Quadwheel by Green Manufacturing Inc. The Quadwheel offers the same benefits as the original Greenwheel with increased performance and cutting stability. The new innovation can help operators do more jobs in less time with less maintenance.


Super Strong Chain

Building on the popularity of Sterling Rope’s versatile Chain Reactors, the BARC (Basal Anchor Rigging Chain) is made from T9800 nylon webbing sewn into individual links for an adjustable and strong chain. Designed for use as a basal anchor with your port-a-wrap or other friction brake lowering device, the BARC can also accommodate your rigging block aloft. Minimum Break Strength (MBS): 6,070 pounds or 27.0kN. BARC comes in 5 and 10-foot versions to accommodate trees up to 19 and 38 inches in diameter, respectively.


New Coupler

Paladin Attachments introduces the new JRB Nexus Cast Multi Pick-Up Coupler for wheel loaders. The JRB Nexus is designed to pick up both ISO and 416 attachments and features replaceable ISO pins and 416 collars to extend the life of the coupler while maintaining a tighter fit throughout the life of the coupler. The new coupler design also features 167 square inches of additional visibility in the center of the coupler for improved load management and safer operations when using fork attachments.