<h3>Fast Firewood Processor</h3> - <a target="_blank" href="http://www.woodbeaver.net">www.woodbeaver.net</a>

Fast Firewood Processor

The LIL Beaver firewood processor from Wood Beaver is a one-operator machine that will quickly and efficiently cut and split logs up to 15 inches in diameter and 10 feet long at a rate of more than a cord an hour. The unit is available with a Honda GX 390 gas motor (optional Kohler CH440) or PTO. Lil Beaver has a 3.5-inch bore and 2.5-inch rod, a hydraulic welded cylinder with a 24-inch stroke for fast splitting and an adjustable wedge. Can be towed behind a pickup, or towed on-site with an ATV.


<h3>Samurai Knife</h3> - <a target="_blank" href="http://www.fecon.com">www.fecon.com</a>

Samurai Knife

Fecon, Inc. introduces the Samurai Knife mulching tool, a reversible double-edged tool with an innovative shape. Unlike many planer-type tools that chip with a straight edge, the Fecon Samurai has a tapered edge that slices as it chips. The metallurgical makeup of the Samurai provides durability while allowing the edges to be sharpened to maintain peak performance and life. The Samurai knife tool is also interchangeable with carbide tools for Fecon FGT rotors, giving flexibility for varying jobsite conditions.


<h3>Making the Cut</h3> - <a target="_blank" href="http://www.vermeer.com">www.vermeer.com</a>

Making the Cut

Vermeer’s SC30TX stump cutter features a dependable electronic fuel injection (EFI) gas engine that performs well during cold-weather starts, reducing the occurrence of engine flooding over comparable carbureted gas engines. Two individually controlled tracks provide a zero turning radius. The 27 hp Kohler EFI gas engine produces the necessary torque for challenging ground conditions and stubborn tree stumps. The 16-inch cutter wheel on the SC30TX is positioned in the center of the unit for easy alignment with the stump.


<h3>Land Shark</h3> - <a target="_blank" href="http://www.sidneyattachments.com">www.sidneyattachments.com</a>

Land Shark

Sidney Manufacturing introduces the Land Shark, a skidsteer-mounted tree saw that can handle trees up to 24 inches in diameter. Land Shark features a thin blade, cross-cutting carbide teeth and an RPM/torque balanced approach. The head rotates 180 degrees at the push of a button, and the eight Kodiak teeth are long-lasting and easy to replace. The Land Shark empowers OEM control to “Plug and Play,” allowing the electrical system to communicate with the host machine to use existing joystick controls to run the Land Shark.