Three New Chippers

Terex Woodsman offers three new towable disc chippers. The 6-inch capacity 700 has an infeed opening of 6 by 6 inches. Features include hydraulic feed roll, top discharge and 24-inch-diameter disc with two single-sided knives.

The 705 is a compact, 6-inch capacity model with an infeed opening of 6 by 10 inches. The cutting system features a 30-inch-diameter disc with 4.5 by 4 by 5-inch knives.

The 9-inch capacity 710 has an infeed opening of 9 by 12 inches. Key features include a hydraulic feed roll and top discharge. The cutting system has a 28-inch diameter disc with two double-sided knives.

Split Both Ways

Dosko’s new 2000LS-H horizontal log splitter has the capability to split in both directions, cutting work time and increasing productivity. Featuring a 160cc Honda OHV commercial engine and a seven-second cycle time, the towable unit accepts logs up to 25 inches in length. A two-stage, 11 GPM hydraulic pump and 20-ton splitting force provide powerful splitting ability. A log table eliminates the need to bend down to pick up split wood.

Large-Capacity Bucket

The large-capacity dumper bucket from Ramrod features a 42-cubic-foot capacity. With a 30-degree dump angle, the dual caster wheels with walking axle drive system allow for easy loading and unloading. It measures 42 inches high, 46 inches wide, 55 inches long at the top and 20 inches long at the bottom. Dual wheels are able to handle a combined 2,400 pounds. The bucket has a reinforced leading edge and uni-body construction.

Get Organized

Developed by DeMore’s Innovative Design, the Aerial Tool Bin for aerial platforms, scissors and boom lifts is designed to keep hand tools and supplies organized and within a worker’s reach. The portable, triangular-shaped organizer attaches to square or rounded 90-degree corners of platform railings, where it is secured with two OSHA-compliant locking bolts. Made from reinforced, nonconductive, UV-protected orange polypropylene, it weighs 10 pounds and is designed to hold up to 50 pounds. It measures 17 by 17 inches, with a 26-inch front, and features three compartments with removable partition walls. A multipositional magnetic parts tray attaches to the metal strips on top of the bin. A tool belt holder safely secures a worker’s tool belt to the front of the bin.

Self-Feeding Stump Grinder

The EDGE Stump Grinder from CEAttach-ments has a hinged-pivot self-feeding design that offers visibility and grinding of stumps up to 30 inches wide and as deep as 10 inches belowground. It features a .75-inch-thick, 24-inch-diameter cutting wheel that requires 12 to 22 GPM of hydraulic flow. There are 36 bolt-on carbide teeth. It is easy to hook up and remove from most skid steers and comes complete with hoses and flat face couplers.