Wood waste that’s turned into firewood can be very profitable. There are many tree care companies that run booming businesses processing firewood — cutting, sawing, splitting, seasoning, drying, and then selling and even delivering to the public, especially in areas like the Northeast.

But in addition to or in place of selling, firewood can also be processed and used to heat your company’s offices or warehouses (saving money on heating bills) or distributed to employees to use in fireplaces and outdoor fire pits at home. In areas with long winters, free firewood can make a world of difference and — from an owner’s perspective — can be a cheap way to keep employees happy. Nothing wrong with enjoying some perks, right?

Also, consider getting into the firewood business as a way to keep employees working during slow times. “We sell firewood but mostly do it to provide work for employees during slow times,” Mark Malmstrom, ISA-certified arborist and owner of Total Tree Care Inc. in Providence, Utah, told TS last year. “We only keep the high-quality hardwood. Because we are selective in what we keep, process and sell, we have repeat customers that like the high-quality wood they get from us and we sell out every year.”

Selling log-length firewood means there are no precise measurements required when cutting up logs on the job site the way there might be if the wood was going to a mill or woodworker. While hardwood is ideal for firewood, there are customers with outdoor wood boilers and other heating systems who don’t mind a mixture of hardwood and softwood.

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