Photo courtesy of Fecon.

Tree Shear-photo courtesy of Fecon


Fecon offers single knife or dual knife Bunching Shears for skid steers and excavators to nimbly shear, lift, bunch and carry multiple trees with a single attachment. Fecon has designed models for excavators 8-to-20 ton which require as little as 15 GPM of low flow hydraulic. These heavy-duty attachments are equipped with a Fecon “H” mounting bracket and bolt-on hanger bracket sized to the excavator. 







15 Inch Feller Bunching Shear by Ryan's

15 Inch Feller Bunching Shear by Ryan’s


Ryan’s 15-inch Feller Bunching Shear has dual adjustable knives, made of AR400, ideal for shearing the larger hardwoods. Requires the standard auxiliary hydraulics and is a perfect fit for the large skid steers, loaders and excavators.  The 15-inch Feller Bunching Shear has two grabber arms for securely holding on to the trees and one accumulator to gather multiple trees into its 325 square inch pocket.