The Bandit Beast will convert urban wood waste into higher value products and will produce a more uniform product, produce the material at a lower cost per ton, and easily process material that other grinders struggle with, like chunk wood. The Beast will convert your chips, brush, leaves, grass clippings and solid wood into valuable fuel wood, mulch or compost.



ContinentalGrinderContinental Biomass Industries

The CBI Magnum Force 5800BT Horizontal features a clamshell hog-box for ease of maintenance and is purpose-built for contractors dealing with lower production needs or transportation restrictions. The result is a high-volume grinder capable of producing up to 100 tons per hour powered by a CAT C-18, 765-hp engine.


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Made to grind or regrind, the 2009 Industrial Tub Grinder is the most economical grinder on the market for jobs that don’t need high horsepower. It features a CAT C9 325-hp Tier III diesel engine, a self-adjusting clutch with push-button start and a self-cleaning air intake system.


Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.47.41 AMDosko

Dosko features commercial walk-behind stump grinders that are Honda or Kohler powered and 32-inches wide or less, allowing for navigation through narrow paths. Units come standard with Leonardi teeth or Greenteeth. The compact model 200-6H can fit in an SUV, minivan and some car trunks. Full size models are towable or self-propelled.




Compact and easy-to-tow, the Morbark 2600 Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder is perfect for processing yard waste, brush and other mixed woody feedstock into saleable product. Equipped with up to 325-hp engine as well as a variety of innovative design elements.




Rotochopper specializes in grinding equipment that transforms wood waste into high quality products like colored landscape mulch, biomass fuel and compost. In addition to the popular diesel models, electric-powered Rotochopper grinders are becoming increasingly common with tree care companies. The Rotochopper EC series is available from 150- to 400-hp For higher volumes, the B-66 E is available with 500- to 750-hp.



The TBG 640 horizontal grinder features a hammermill that is 65 inches wide and 34 inches in diameter. The infeed opening is 41 inches high and 63 inches wide, and the engine is 700-hp with a 755 Tier 4 option. The TBG 740 is also capable of processing 400 to 500 yards of scrap wood per hour.