GreenPro's new spreader/sprayer.

GreenPro’s new spreader/sprayer.

Green Pro Solutions

Green Pro Solution’s all-electric, all-terrain spreader/sprayer features a 110-gallon, full-drain tank on an aluminum skid and two electric pumps with boomless nozzles that spray 15 or 30 inches wide.  It also features a 100-inch self-retracting hose reel and a Spyker 220 with a single, full-gate hopper that spreads up to 30 inches.

Photo courtesy of Gregson-Clark.

Photo courtesy of Gregson-Clark.


Gregson-Clark specializes in commercial spraying equipment for professional arborists, including skid sprayers ranging from 50 to 300 gallons, modular, multi-tank IPM systems and complete custom trucks.

Photo courtesy of Rainbow Tree Care Scientific Advancements.

Photo courtesy of Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancements.

Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancements

The Q-Connect is a tree injection device for the application of tree healthcare products. The product is delivered from the bottle to multiple injection tips and is distributed into the vascular tissue of the tree. The Q-Connect was designed for the professional applicator and business. It is plug-less so that the applicator will not leave anything inside the tree and to save on the cost of plugs that can add up over time.