The DSC6 is an easy-to-use solution for the operator who needs a smaller machine capable of processing a large amount of debris. An eight-blade feed roller design allows for smooth operation for all types of materials and is powered by a 22-hp Honda gas engine.






Bandit’s model 990XP Brush Bandit features a powerful 74-hp Tier 4-compliant Kohler engine. The Kohler delivers the power needed to run the 12-inch capacity Model 990XP, and it produces notable power and torque. This engine consumes 2.07 gallons per hour on a half load and 4.21 gallons per hour on a full load.



ContinentalChipperContinental Biomass Industries

The ChipMax 484 features a rotor, chipper box and feed system that are the strongest in its class. Featuring two rotor options, the ChipMax can make high-quality fuel chips custom-sized from 12 to 25 millimeters or “micro-chips” from 2 to 12 millimeters from logs up to 24 inches in diameter.




Dosko’s line of 6-inch and 9-inch chipping capacity brush chippers feature Kohler or Kubota engines. Every unit features the slide-back system, which allows easy access to belts and knives. Dosko’s newest model, the 4-inch 13-21T-13H, provides a compact solution for chipping needs.



The TC-15 Tree Chipper can grind logs up to 15 inches in diameter and is compact for easy towing. It has engine options of 122-hp CAT C4.4 or 139-hp CAT C4.4 diesel engine and PT-Tech clutch. It features a spring-loaded feed wheel with adjustable down pressure, optional height sensor that automatically adjusts the feed roller to material size and optional hydraulic gathering winch.



ECHOChipperECHO Bear Cat

ECHO Bear Cat’s 6-inch capacity chipper, the CH6720H, is hydraulically fed and features a distinctive 6 inch high by 13 inch wide feed opening to accommodate larger brush and tree trimmings. It is powered by a 720cc Subaru engine. This propeller-style mounting design allows a user to chip wet or stringy wood types with less tendency of product twist or wrap.





Ideal for residential tree services, utility line clearing, vegetation management, maintenance contractors and municipalities, the M15R high-capacity, high-production chipper includes more standard features than any other chipper in its class. It is available with the patented ChipSafe Operator Safety Shield to reduce the risk of operator injury.





The 15-inch capacity RC1522G chipper is an economical solution for daily chipping needs, offering an excellent combination of chipping power, large feed opening, and easy maintenance. It features a 130-hp gasoline engine powering a 30-inch diameter by 22-inch wide, 4-knife chipper drum. The feed system utilizes a 20-inch diameter feed wheel with planetary drive motor.




RyansChipperRyan’s Equipment

Bio Chip 20 is a compact, well-balanced whole-tree chipper with a throat opening that is 22 inches tall and 34 inches wide. The design allows for ease of maintenance and a staggered knife drum design with babbitted knives and counter knives produces quality chips.




The TAC 730 is powered by a 74.5-hp Tier 4i Kubota engine or 89 HP GM engine. With a 16 inch wide by 19 inch long throat opening, 24-inch diameter cutting drum and the most aggressive feed wheel in the industry, the TAC730 is the ultimate arborist chipper. At 5,200 pounds, the TAC 730 is capable of processing 13-inch diameter material.



The Vermeer BC1000XL brush chipper features a 89-hp GM 3.0L gas engine with a dependable electronic fuel injection (EFI) system. The BC1000XL also features a direct electronic pressure regulator that allows for greater control of fuel delivery, fuel economy and optimum combustion. This chipper comes standard with the Vermeer patented EcoIdle system and patented SmartFeed technology and has a 12-inch cutting capacity.


WallensteinChipperWallenstein CR

The CR100 10-inch brush chipper from Wallenstein CR is powered by an 85-hp Kubota turbo-diesel engine. Efficient and easy to use for tree care contractors or municipalities.