Track Chipper

Morbark recently debuted the Beever M18R Track tree and brush chipper. “We first saw the need for a tracked version of our 18-inch capacity chipper for fire and pest cleanup efforts going on in the western U.S.,” says Casey Gross, Morbark director of tree care products. “The M18R Track gives customers the higher horsepower they need while remaining compact to maintain maneuverability through a variety of conditions.” The Beever M18R Track adds 400-millimeter rubber tracks, with 4.84 psi ground pressure and low- and high-speed travel ranges of 1.0 mph and 1.8 mph to its M18R chipper. The unit can be outfitted with a four- or six-cylinder diesel engine and choice of single axle, tandem axle or single axle dual-wheel package, according to the company.

Cab Comfort Solution

Terex Utilities now offers HyPower IM, the latest release in the company’s HyPower hybrid solutions line. HyPower IM is an idle mitigation and cab comfort solution that, per the company, provides reduced fuel usage and reduced exhaust emissions at a lower price point. The system automatically switches from plug-in, battery-stored power when the truck is idling to engine-supplied power when hydraulic controls are engaged. “Throughout an eight-hour work day, on a typical trouble truck, the aerial’s hydraulic controls are engaged about one hour total run time,” says Tyler Henderson, Terex product development manager. “By allowing the hydraulic system to switch to engine power during those brief intervals, HyPower IM is still able to provide emissions efficiencies, plus optimum hydraulic control function. Operators will experience no lag time in hydraulic responsiveness.” HyPower IM is available for Class-5 chassis such as Ford, Dodge and General Motors trucks, when used with Terex Hi-Ranger telescopic aerial devices such as the LT, LTM and TL series.

Rope Ascender

Ronin recently introduced the Ronin Lift to the tree care market. The Ronin Lift is a battery-powered rope ascender that’s an alternative to traditional aerial lifts. It can lift up to 400 pounds but is lightweight itself, coming in at under 20 pounds even with the largest battery pack, according to the company. It features a lifting speed of 2 feet per second, a lockout feature with a manual rappel and a swappable battery pack for easier continuous use. The Ronin Lift can easily act as an ascender, portable winch or belay device, the company says.

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