Cut the Cord

The HTA 85 is a 12-foot telescopicpole pruner from STIHL. Powered by36-volt Lithium-Ion battery technology,it provides zero-exhaust emissionand low vibration option. It featuresa brushless, commercial-grade, hightorqueelectric motor. Clip for strapor harness enables more even weightdistribution and increases operatorcomfort. Ematic guide bar includesa polymer reservoir that holds bar oiluntil it can be picked up by passingchain. Side-access chain tensionerprovides easy chain adjustment. Partof the KombiSystem, the HTA 85 runson the same interchangeable batterysystem as other STIHL Lithium-Iontools and offers run times up to threehours.

Mulching Tractor Boasts Tractionand Handling

Fecon’s RTF230 rubber tire mulching tractor, afour-wheel drive, four-wheel steer model, features acenter-mounted engine and hydraulic drive train givethe RT230 a low center of gravity and even balance.Climbing slopes is made easy with the 230-horsepowerengine and 75 gpm/6,000 psi hi-flow to the Bull Hogmulcher head or other hydraulic or PTO attachments.It’s capable of speeds up to 24 mph. The large cabprovides visibility in all directions. This tractor can beconfigured for land clearing, municipal maintenance,snow removal and roadside clearing and otherapplications. The RTF230 is capable of boom and/orcrane mounting, mechanical or hydraulic PTOs (andthree-point hitches) both front and back.

Attach and Go

The Danuser Multipurpose Grapple is a heavy-dutyrail style frame that supports up to 6,000 pounds witha tine length of 48 inches with 3,500 or 5,500 poundcapacity. The multipurpose grapple option can attachto any Danuser frame. The grapple can be locked andstored for normal pallet fork use (no tools required).Mounting options include: Skid steer, walk-thru orfull brick guard, and the front-end loader is applicableto Euro/Global, John Deere 600/700 and John Deere200/300/400/500.

Single-Use FuelTreatment Pouches

Toro announced the availability ofits Premium Fuel Treatment formulain single-use pouches. For use withtwo- and four-cycle small engines, it’sdesigned to keep fuel fresh, keep fuelsystems clean, and prevent corrosioncaused by ethanol. The formula helpsprotect fuel against water absorption,and protects the engine against theeffects of ethanol. Each pouch includesa mixture of detergents that dissolveparticulate deposits within the fuelsystem and keep the intake valves clean.It also coats and protects the carburetor.It contains a metal deactivatorthat guards components against rust,oxidation and other corrosion ethanolis known to accelerate.