Blaze Through Brush

New from Peco, Inc., the TBB-3002 Brush Blazer with a 48-inch cut width. Available with a 28 hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard or a 27 hp Kohler EFI engine, its rotary brush cutting system features two .5-inch-thick steel discs, each with three hardened steel flail blades. The Brush Blazer features a hydrostatic track drive system for smooth, efficient operation in a variety of terrains and conditions, and the track system and front-end sled configuration provide traction and stability when working on steep grades or slopes.

Load It Up

Powered by an electronic, Tier 4 interim Perkins 1204E-E44TA engine and an optional four-speed servo power synchro transmission with automatic shifting, the 94 hp Terex TLB840 backhoe loader is now available in North America. The curved boom design on the TLB840 offers operators clearance to reach over obstacles and the ability to load closer into trucks. The unit features a dig depth of 14 feet 9 inches (extended to 18 feet 1 inch) and a reach of 18 feet 9 inches (extended 21 feet 11 inches). The hydro mechanical self-leveling feature on the TLB840 enables the operator to avoid spillage and allows for load retention at full height.

Injectable Antibiotic

Mauget introduces Mycoject Ultra Hp, a CAUTION-labeled antibiotic developed specifically for tree injection use in liquid-loadable injectors, now available in .5 and 1-liter bottles. Mycoject Ultra Hp is a high-volume version of the tetracycline antibiotic used in Mycoject Ultra. With improved solubility, Mycoject Ultra Hp is a systemic aid in the suppression of certain bacterial diseases in elm, red oak, palm, peach, pear and nonbearing pecan and plum trees targeting ash yellows, fire blight, bacterial leaf scorch, palm lethal yellows and phloem necrosis.

Milling Attachment

Fecon, Inc. introduces the new FMA8039 hydraulic-powered milling attachment, rated at 260 to 550 hp, to process soil, stumps and roots up to 20 inches below grade. A weight of approximately 11,000 pounds (depending on options) keeps the attachment engaged as carbide tools cut through an 80-inch-wide path of material. The 8039 is suited for treating land already cleared of standing vegetation, often through logging, mulching or traditional land clearing methods. A 39-by-80-inch rotor is made of abrasion-resistant steel for durability.