Climbing and Rigging Gear

All Gear, Inc.

Finsh Line is a 7/16 to 11 mm access line with a 32-strand polyester cover and an eight-strand parallel nylon core. The black and white check pattern makes it unique and easy to spot. Available in 120, 150, 200, 600 and 1,200-foot lengths.


Traditional in design and of sound quality, the standard TH1003 aluminum climbing spurs set comes with adjustable alloy climbers, thick leather L-pads with lamb’s wool padding, two sets of gaffs (one long, one short), and a full set of top and bottom straps.

Buckingham Mfg. Co.

Buckingham’s new choking lanyard is made from the same 7/16-inch uniline used on its Buck Rigidline, except the rope is doubled for extra rigidity, cut resistance and surface area. A large aluminum ring on the end allows for easy hook-up to a saddle with a carabiner. The choking lanyard is lightweight and features a red wear indicator.

New England Ropes/TEUFELBERGER

TEUFELBERGER’s new transport and storage bags keep everything in reach. The larger ropeBucket and smaller kitBags are made of the same material as the treeMOTION harness. The ropeBUCKET/kitBAGs are stable, breathable and customizable with a system of perforations for attaching frequently needed work equipment. Four different sizes: 80, 50, 30 and 25 liters.


The ZIGZAG mechanical Prusik features a spring-loaded release lever for precise control for accurate movement. The integrated pulley and swivel make taking in rope smooth and efficient.

Samson Rope

Vortex climbing line is a true .5 inch (12.7mm), which makes for easy handling. It has excellent knot-holding ability, works well with hardware and is great for footlocking.

Sherrill Tree

Lava Surge 11.5mm climbing line uses FlexiFirm Core Technology to stay round and firm under load. It contains a third “magma strand” for spectacular support and density.

Sterling Rope

The new Atlas rigging line features a 9/16-inch polyester sheath and nylon core construction for a soft hand and easy knotability. Designed to work seamlessly with a Portawrap, capstan winch or rigging blocks.