Beltless Stump Grinder

The all-new Model 2250XP self-propelled stump grinder from Bandit Industries uses a heavy-duty hydrostatic motor to directly power its 20-inch-diameter cutter wheel. This eliminates the need for a clutch, jackshaft, drive belt, belt tensioning system, and the sheaves and bearings associated with those components. The 27 hp gas engine drives two hydraulic pumps, one for the undercarriage and one for the cutter wheel. The 40cc hydrostatic motor uses an oversized bearing to manage the side load and shock loads associated with stump grinding. Machine-mounted controls are intuitive and positioned to provide good visibility while grinding. It has a 50-inch swing arc with a 14-inch cutting depth.

These Boots Were Made for Climbing

Arbortec Forestwear is rolling out a new generation of forestry and tree-climbing boots in the U.S. The handsome styling of Scafell and ScafellXER covers a rugged build quality in addition to the trademark comfortable fit and feel of the Arbortec Forestwear brand. The boots are packed with features such as multilayered Kevlar saw protection and OutDry waterproofing.

Start-Up Sprayer

Green Pro Solutions offers a start-up spray system setup that can be installed and removed by one person. It features a fender-mounted pump and hose reel, with quick connections to the tank. Remove the tank to free up the whole bed of the pickup truck. Larger pumps and hose reels are available.

Skid Steer Chipper

CEAttachments added the EDGE Wood Chipper skid steer attachment to its product lineup. The standard-flow attachment operates on machines with 14 to 24 GPM. It features a 20-by-20-inch self-feeding hopper opening to handle material up to 4 inches in diameter. It angles brush against the blades as it pulls material into the chipper. Air intake vents maximize the blowing force to power the chips out of the chute up to 20 feet. The 25-inch rotor features two reversible, hardened steel chipping blades placed at 180 degrees to each other to keep the rotor in balance. The 65-inch discharge chute rotates 360 degrees and features an adjustable deflector for accurate placement of wood chips.

Tread Softly

SVE Portable Roadway Systems introduced TreadMats, recycled, woven tire mats. They are rugged and virtually indestructible, with a long operational life. All types of equipment can be operated on the mats. Lifting/dragging cables on both ends are rated at 2,000 pounds on a straight pull. TreadMat can be placed in layers to provide additional load-bearing capacity in softer soil conditions. They are sized at 7 by 14 feet, with a weight of 765 pounds to make them easy to handle with on-site equipment.