A tree care work site is a fairly dangerous environment. In addition to the many precautions to be taken, it’s necessary to always have a fully-stocked first-aid kit at each work site. Training and knowledge of crew members will dictate which items to include in the first-aid kit. A few useful items to include are:

1. Blood stoppers/compression bandages

The Band-Aid and small gauze pads in a basic first-aid kit are not going to be very helpful when confronted with a large chainsaw-induced laceration on a foot versus chipper/stump grinder incident. Compact, lightweight compression bandages can not only be in the first-aid kit, but are small enough to slide into the pocket of a pair of chaps or chain saw pants. Examples include the Cederroth blood stopper, the Israeli bandage and the H bandage. All allow for a great deal of compression to be put on a bleeding wound to stem the flow. Users should keep in mind that if their first effort hasn’t stopped the bleeding, do not remove it: and Add more layers and more pressure. Removing the initial effort will disturb whatever clotting has occurred and reinvigorate blood flow.

2. Folding c-collars

These can be quite handy in a neck/cervical damage injury. Proper training is needed for proper application, but the availability of folding adjustable cervical collars means that a victim’s c-spine can be protected even when injured aloft.

3. Trauma shears/scissors

Often the first problem confronted by a rescuer is getting at the injury or source of blood. A set of trauma shears can simplify this process.

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