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Experts predict 2015 to be a prosperous year for the tree care industry

  You can get quite a good view from high above a bucket truck, but not good enough to see into the future.
  The year 2015 will soon be upon us and there's no telling exactly what it will hold for the tree industry. Predictions are possible, however, based on current trends and educated hunches.
  Business looks to be strong in the coming year, says Mark Garvin, president of the Tree Care Industry Association.
  "From what I'm hearing, many companies are booked three months out at this point, and that's very good," he explains of a key barometer ... (Read More...)

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11/21/2014 - New England Grows Recognized as a Top 25 Trade Show

Rob Meyer, Editor In Chief
New England Grows, the horticulture industry's premier trade exposition and educational conference in the Northeast, was recognized by Trade Show Network News as one of the Top 25 Fastest Growing Trade Shows in the country at an awards ceremony held ...More
Editor's Note: Trouble in the Tree Borough - Rutherford, New Jersey is having major issues with trees - Always on the hunt...

11/20/2014 - Editor's Note: Trouble in the Tree Borough

Rutherford, New Jersey is having major issues with trees
Rob Meyer, Editor In Chief
Always on the hunt for interesting, newsworthy and relevant stories for readers of Tree Services and our website, I came across this interesting story about Rutherford, New Jersey, a city that's supposed to be a tree haven that is anything but right ...More

11/19/2014 - EAB update: Massachusetts latest state to institute quarantine

By Rob Meyer, Editor In Chief
Add another state to the growing list of places where the Emerald Ash Borer is wreaking havoc across the country. On Monday, Nov. 17, it was announced that Massachusetts has issued a statewide quarantine on ash lumber and all hardwood and firewood ...More

11/19/2014 - Houston, We Have a Problem

Illegal Tree Removal Cases Increase in Texas City
By Rob Meyer, Editor In Chief
It's becoming quite expensive to illegally remove trees in the city of Houston, Texas. In a story published on Tuesday, Nov. 18 in the Houston Chronicle, businessman Ali Dhanani and attorneys representing the city of Houston were negotiating what ...More

11/18/2014 - Ohio Turfgrass Foundation Tests Kalahari Waters for 2014 Convention and Show

By Lawrence Aylward, Editorial Director
People were stunned when they heard the Ohio Turfgrass Foundation (OTF) was moving its annual conference and trade show to a place in northern Ohio that's famous for its themed water park. Would golf course superintendents, sports field managers and ...More

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